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#13878042 Oct 12, 2018 at 07:53 PM
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Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly go over a few of the things that myself and the other officers expect from you as the DPS.

If you haven't looked at our list of required addons in the Guild Charter, you need to read that immediately. I'm just going to reiterate that these addons are 100% essential. Please install them asap. The big ones you need are Exorsus Raid Tools, Details (or any meter), Weakauras 2, Bigwigs, and Big Dumb Loot Council. We will check for these addons and remove players if they refuse to install them.

"DUDE GUYS CHECK OUT MY DAMAGE I GOT A SWEET ORANGE PARSE I'M SO FUCKING GOOD AT DPS HOLY SHIT". Calm down there. High damage number are nice, and I'll never discourage them. However, your first priority as DPS should be to do all the proper mechanics and take as little damage as possible. Yes, there are fights with DPS checks, but we will never get to miss a DPS check if we die to something stupid. Logs will be kept private until a boss is on farm, so please dont ask for your bosses to become public before then.

During Raid:
During raid, comments or ideas on the strat are welcome and allowed, so long as they are not hostile and strictly for the benefit of the group. If you want to mention a specific member's performance, please whisper myself, Reversi, or Potential and it will be handled accordingly. It is unacceptable to call out fellow teammates in front of the entire raid, and you will be reprimanded if you do so. During pulls, comms should be kept clear for important callouts, and raiders should be behaving seriously and professionally.

Last of all (I know its alot) but most importantly, WE ARE A TEAM. Being competitive is great, but we need to work together to help get kills for the raid. Each role has its own strengths and weaknesses and you can't solo the raid, so don't act like it.
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